Roasting coffee the healthy way

We work closely with our growers, and select the best beans for our roasts. The Alfie & co team made the choice to roast all our coffee using the healthiest process. Our traditional drum roasting machine has a special system where the coffee is roasted only with clean air.  It has an advanced heat exchanger so the roasting hot air is heated indirectly from the gas burners and never comes in contact with the gas fumes.

This is very different to traditional roasting drum machines which have the gas burners under the drum, so the toxic fumes from the gas are absorbed into the beans and end up in your cup.  A natural clean air roasted coffee as nature intended.

Coffee Beans and Blends

Coffee is a natural product , the soil and climate have a great influence on the characteristics of taste and aroma. We carefully source the highest quality beans from ethical plantations. Each batch of coffee varies in taste and quality according to the climate during the growing season.  The art of coffee blending and roasting takes all these changes into account, we test and adjust each coffee batch when the coffee arrives during the season.  Our unique blends are carefully created to bring the full aroma, taste, and body of the coffee beans. The coffee roasts are perfect for espresso, filter, mocha -stove top, French press -filter and cold brew. Choose from our selection of coffee blends and soon to arrive single estate coffees, from light &  delicate to very full bodied and decaffeinated.